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SWB Deployment "Bid" System

Local 2913 has been working with Blaine, Spokane and Havre sectors on ways to improve the never-ending SWB deployments. They are very willing to find ways to limit the impact these deployments have on our lives. We have been in negotiations with Blaine sector over the past few months and have agreed in principle to a new system which will allow us to choose which deployments we wish to go on in advance so we will be better able to plan our lives. This will be done in conjunction with master leave so we will have a clear picture of what our next six months will look like instead of having to guess when our name will be called. We have had preliminary talks with Spokane sector and they seem very interested in looking at how it would work there. Before we agree to anything, we need to hear from as many of you as possible in Spokane to make sure this is something you want us to negotiate for you. We have posted a survey that should take no more that a minute to complete. If you need further explanation or would like to discuss this, feel free to email me ( or call (585-967-3629). Here is a brief explanation of how the new system works:

Each station will generate six independent deployment rosters that closely mirror an upcoming Master Leave period (October 1-March 31) or (April 1-September 30).

On July 15 and January 15, along with Master Leave, agents will be given the opportunity to prioritize the month(s) they wish to deploy.

Each agent’s bid will be similar to Master Leave, each agent will be granted their first choice (so long as it is available).

Once everyone’s preference is considered and they are placed on a deployment list (first “round”), the process will repeat for a second and third “round” so that everyone is on three (3) lists. ***THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE AGENT WILL DEPLOY THREE TIMES***

Each agent's name will appear on three of the six deployment "waves." Once in the top third of a list (likely to deploy), once in the middle third of a list (may or may not deploy based on HQ request) and once in the bottom third of a list (unlikely to go). The likelihood of being deployed all 3 times is small, even if they up our numbers.

The order in which agents get to select a deployment wave will be determined by the number of completed deployments from the previous 6 months with ties broken by seniority. This means that the same agents will not consistently be at the top or bottom of the selection list based on seniority. This does not impact the way master leave is selected.

Master leave and the six projected deployments will all be posted together. This will eliminate managements desire to cancel leave based on deployments as they will now have a very good idea when agents are expected to deploy.

•Q: What happens if an agent cannot go on a scheduled deployment due to a legal exemption or injury?

•A: The agent is simply removed from the list and the next agent would take his/her place.

•Q: Can changes be made to deployment lists after they are posted?

•A: Yes, agents can swap positions on lists with the agreement of both agents.

•Q: When can agents swap?

•A: Any agent can swap places with any other agent until five (5) days prior to deployment, so long as every agent’s name still appears on three separate lists.

•Q: What happens if an agent cannot be granted any of his/her deployment choices?

•A: The agent must be contacted to determine which alternate wave they would like.

•Q: Why don’t we ask for the agent to prioritize all 6 months so they do not need to be contacted?

•A: The agent needs to be given the option so that they are not mandated to back-to-back months without their consent.

•Q: How does this system comply with Appendix III of the CBA?

•A: This system fleshes out the “grey area” within Appendix III. This system treats Southern Border Deployments in the same fashion that days off duty and leave requests are handled.

•Q: Are agents on these lists considered to be mandated or volunteers?

•A: The agents on these lists are being mandated.

•Q: Can an agent volunteer?

•A: Yes. An agent can volunteer for any deployment they choose. If their name already is on the desired list, their name is moved to the top and ordered by seniority with respect to any other volunteers. This does not impact their name on any other list.

•Q: What happens if the deployments end?

•A: If they deployments end, the remaining lists would be preserved in case the deployments resume.

•Q: If an agent bids on two consecutive waves and is mandated for both, how can they be mandated to deploy for more than 35+ days ?

•A: By choosing to bid for back-to-back deployments, the agent acknowledges that there is a possibility this may occur and is choosing to extend. There is nothing preventing them from spacing out their bids so that possibility will not occur.

•Q: What happens if the numbers increase or decrease so that one agent gets “lucky” and doesn’t have to go and another has to go an extra time?

•A: In that scenario, the agent that competes zero deployments would be further down on the selection priority for the next bid period, increasing the likelihood they would be forced to complete an extra deployment and vice versa for the other agent.


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