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GoFundMe for Camilia Sanchez

Please consider helping one of our brothers in need.

Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to you with a heartfelt request for help. My dear niece, Camila, a determined and cheerful high school student, is facing a tough challenge. She's been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a difficult battle for someone so young.

Despite this tough news, Camila is staying strong. She faces each day with bravery and optimism, inspiring everyone around her with her infectious smile and positive attitude.

As Camila starts her journey to recovery, we're reminded of the power of coming together as a community. Your support can make a real difference in helping Camila and her family through this tough time.

Your donation, no matter how small, can help with medical bills and ease the financial strain on her family. With your help, Camila can focus on getting better and chasing her dreams.

Let's stand by Camila's side and show her that she's not alone. Your kindness and support can help her overcome this obstacle and keep shining as she pursues her goals.

Thank you for your love, generosity, and belief in Camila's strength. Together, we can help her towards a brighter and healthier future.

With gratitude,

Raquel and family 


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