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COVID Guidance

There has been a great deal of confusion and misinformation about how to deal with Covid positive agents and close contacts.

If you are sick, you are allowed to take SL, if you get a PCR test and it comes back positive, you are entitled to Continuation of Pay through the Department of Labor. Submit a CA-1 and any SL taken will be converted to COP.

If you are a close contact (15 cumulative minutes in a 24-hour period, within 6 feet) to someone who has tested positive for covid, you are entitled to Weather and Safety Leave if:

A.) You are unvaccinated or have not had a Pfizer or Moderna shot within 5 months or a Johnson and Johnson shot within 2 months.


B.) You exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 regardless of vaccination status.

If this is not what you are hearing, please reach out to a steward.


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