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Blaine SWB Survey Results

After an overwhelming response to the questionnaire, we have a solid understanding of what you would like to see in the upcoming negotiations. We additionally received a large number of suggestions and opinions that were on point, and we will use them in our proposals. Here are the results...

Which SWB deployment system do you prefer?

Original "Credit" System: 66.9%

New "Wheel" System: 33.1%

If the "credit" system is selected, how would you like new agents to the sector to be treated?

Given some form of "credit": 84.4%

Given no credit: 15.6%

How much time should a new agent to the sector be given before being mandated to go on a SWB deployment?

90+ Days: 43.6%

60 Days: 44.7%

30 Days: 11.8%

0 Days: 2.9%

Should agents on Light Duty be forced to make up SWB deployments they "missed" while being injured?

Yes: 70.4%

No. 29.6%

Should agents that have a legal exemption (ie: FMLA) be forced to make up SWB deployments missed while they are exempt?

Yes: 53.8%

No: 46.2%

Which sector details should be exempt from SWB deployments? (Select all that apply)

None: 78.2%

K9: 15.9%

Pros: 5.4%

Training 5.4%

Recruiting: 1.8%

If agents assigned to sector details are determined to be exempt from a SWB deployments, should they be required to make up deployments they miss?

Yes: 74.1%

No: 25.9%

Do you like the idea of certain details taking the place of a SWB deployment or making you exempt from deployment? ie: the current LECA detail

Yes: 40.8%

No: 59.2%

Do you support the 4x4 training system to better facilitate linewatch operations and SWB deployments?

Always want 4x4: 63%

Temporarily while SWB: 21.8%

No 4x4: 15.2%

If we switch to a "credit" system, should credit be given for previously completed SWB deployments?

Yes: 74.5%

No: 25.5%

If an agent is deployed and is forced to come home early due to an emergency, how many days need to be completed to get "credit" for a deployment?

1 Day: 21%

1/3 (10 days): 6.5%

1/2 (15 days): 45.5%

2/3 (20 days): 23.2%

All: 3.8%

Do you like the way the current SWAP program works?

Yes: 33%

No: 60.2%

No opinion: 6.8%

How important is it to you that all agents participate equally in these SWB deployments?

Very Important: 74.7%

Somewhat Important: 24.5%

Not Important: 0.8%

Would you be interested in driving your POV to a SWB deployment if you were given additional travel days (3 -5 on both ends)?

Yes: 72.3%

No: 27.7%


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